Friends & Family

Czech style marionette of an old woman, carved by Cecilia

We have so many wonderful friends and family who have helped us get this company started! Here are a few sites and projects to check out by the people that we love:

Mike Hayes and his company ClearWeb Management make magic happen on this website. If you are looking to build a WordPress site, we recommend them highly!

SCRAP DC is a fantastic non-profit dedicated to inspiring creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing education and affordable materials. We buy many supplies for our puppets from their retail store.

Bill Easton of Quantum Sails has generously donated scraps of a sail-making material called Dacron for us to use in our shadow shows.

Sarah Gingold runs the sewing studio Think Outside the Store and donates fabric for many of our projects. She has also taken rehearsal photos for our blog.

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