Virtual Exhibit

For those who can’t make it to Arlington to see our exhibit at the library, here are photos of each of our displays. Some of the puppets are from videos I performed in for the library, including Cuentos y Mas from 2008 and Book Bubble from 2012. Others are from our workshop show Flight to the Scraplands, as well as projects that Genna and I worked on individually, such as the community theater play Mulan and my French show Elle Lit. All photos are by Phil Cackley. Enjoy!

Here are our business cards for people to take, as well as a biography of the artists.

In the front, Settareh at the festival and in her old clothes; at the back the Pottery Seller and  servant. All are from The Persian Cinderella, performed on the television show Book Bubble, May 2012

More Persian Cinderella Puppets. In front is the prince and queen, in back the father and stepsisters. All these puppets were made from cardboard, fabric and wire.

Celia Cruz, the first foam puppet I created. I performed her on the show Cuentos y Mas in 2008. She is made from polyfoam and fabric.

Text Monster and an Oyster, from the workshop of Flight to the Scraplands, performed at the Black Cherry Theater puppet slam in March 2012. They are created from a dryer hose, foam core and recycled paper.

At the back is Cricket, which Genna made for a production of Mulan and at the front are Billy Bookworm (looking down) and Fish, made for Cuentos y Mas in 2008.

An Old Woman, a carved Czech style marionette, that I made in a workshop at the Artisphere in 2011. You can see her control on the left.

On the left, Book Monster, created for Flight to the Scraplands in March 2012. On the right, Kismet, who will star in our new show next April called The Amazing and Marvelous Cabinets of Kismet. 

Genna’s fairy, created from polyfoam and fabric. She was used in a 48 hour film festival production in 2012.

Three little girls from classic children’s literature: can you recognize them? From the left, they are Dorothy Gale, Alice of Wonderland fame and Pippi Longstocking. All are made from fabric and dowels and were created for my 2009 show Elle Lit (She Reads) which I performed at the Avignon Off Festival in France.

Two more characters from Elle Lit: On the left is Katie and on the right Sophie, the protagonist of the show.

Here you can see what those last few puppets look like in their tall case in front of the youth services desk. We are so grateful for this opportunity to show our work to the Arlington community! Huge thanks and appreciation to the library for making it possible!

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