Anansi Is Taking Shape

Here are some pictures of a new Anansi puppet I created for our performance at Chevy Chase Library tomorrow. He is for a new section of the show explaining how Anansi got his eight long, thin, legs. Because you know, once upon a time, all spiders had eight short, thick legs. But then Anansi got into a little trouble….you’ll have to come see the show to find out what happened to him!

Here is the skeleton of the puppet, made out of wood scraps and filled out a little more with styrofoam.

Outer layer is plastic gauze and now he has his eight legs…

I couldn’t take a final picture of him because Genna took him home to add feet onto the ends of the legs! I will have more pictures soon. Meanwhile, here are some shots of the materials we are using to make the animals for the rest of the show, and Genna working on a new Turtle puppet.

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