Favorite Tools: Glue Gun

Genna gets the megaphone for this next edition of Favorite Tools. She says:

The hot glue gun has been and continues to be my favorite tool…for now. Once upon a time, I sewed all my puppets and while the end result was a more durable puppet, there have been more times of late when puppet building needs to be fast and puppets only need to hold up for a short run. Plus when working in foam (ah…foam, I love thee), it’s really the very best adhesive for holding odd geometries of cut foam together forever. And I cannot deny that the hot glue gun has saved the day for a quick fix before a show.

The way people feel about duck tape (i.e. it can solve any problem) is the way I feel about the glue gun when working in fabric and foam. However, I readily admit that my penchant for this crafter’s tool is a naive one. The problem with this love affair is obvious. Glue as well as duct tape is not a miracle medium. Hot glue fails under heat, and it doesn’t stick to everything. It makes a mess and you go to sleep with strings of it hanging about your ankles. But I keep believing in it because in ordinary circumstances and for foam building, it’s my hero.

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