Puppets on the March!

If you were around the National Mall in DC last Saturday, you might have spotted a few curious figures like these: 

It was the Million Puppet March! Created in response to Mitt Romney’s goal of cutting funding for PBS (and therefore Big Bird, from Sesame Street), the event consisted of performers, puppeteers and community members taking to the streets of DC to voice their displeasure. Although both Genna and I were out of town, we were fortunate that Wit’s End Puppets still had a presence at the march: 

The sign is being held by my father, Phil Cackley and the puppet in his hand is a hand puppet that I’ve had since I was a few years old. His name is Grey Bunny and although I’m pretty sure I used him more as a stuffed animal than a puppet, he has held up remarkably well for being over 25 years old! I am very fortunate to have supportive parents who are willing to join in with off-beat activities like this. Here are some other pictures of the scene down on the Mall, all taken by Phil and Alicia Cackley.

It looks like it was a wonderful, joyful event for everyone. More information about the march can be found in this article from The Washington Post.

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