Store Spotlight: Film Biz Recycling

This is the first in a series of posts about the various and often unexpected places we find materials to make our puppets. Enjoy!

A recent trip to New York City took me to Brooklyn, where I discovered a gold mine of objects, ready to be recycled into puppets. Film Biz Recycling is located west of Prospect Park, in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

Film Biz Recycling is a non-profit organization that diverts set materials from films to local charities. It also operates a prop shop and creative reuse center, which is where I spent most of an afternoon looking through all of their fun items. Along with furniture and large times which are for sale and for rent, there are shelves of small props such as telephones and typewriters, clocks and suitcases.

At the back of the store is a long wall filled with boxes, each with a neat label. “Thanksgiving in a box,” “Restaurant in a box” “Beauty Salon in a box” are just some of the  ones offered, and they are filled with all kinds of small items, which you can buy for just one or two dollars. I found old kitchen tools, hair curlers, and wooden spools, which will hopefully turn up in some of the object puppets we are creating for Kismet. If you ever find yourself with an afternoon to kill in Brooklyn, stop by Film Biz Recycling to find something unique for your home or maybe your next theater project!

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