Who Needs Technology?

One of the reasons I love puppetry is that you can accomplish so much with so little. Puppets can be made from literally anything–wood, fabric, plastic bottles or carrot sticks! It is entertainment that does not have to be expensive and that is one reason why we believe that puppets are an art form for all people of all ages. The spirit of “work with what you’ve got” was on display at the Crafty Bastards craft fair in DC this past weekend, where one corner of the lot was set aside for children to play with cardboard boxes. Who needs technology to be distracted for a few hours?


1 thought on “Who Needs Technology?

  1. Genna here, the other voice of Wit’s End Puppets. And I love this! You CAN do so much with so little, but let’s not forget that a cardboard box is technology. It took technology to craft those boxes and it’s an exploration of simple structural components when kids play with them. Maybe it’s not the technology we think of nowadays, but I also think it’s beautiful what we can achieve through technology. Check this out: http://www.makerbot.com; sophisticated technology that will surely find it’s way into the world of puppetry.

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