Store Spotlight: Community Forklift

As the name might suggest, our show Cabinets of Kismet takes place in a world built of cabinets. So when we started talking about the set, there was one store that we knew would have pretty much everything we needed and that is Community Forklift.

Community Forklift sign

Community Forklift is a nonprofit thrift store for home improvement supplies and architectural salvage. Located inside the Beltway near Hyattsville, it has doors and windows, cabinets, hardware, wood and lighting fixtures and so much more. They accept donations Tuesday through Saturday and have a truck to do pick ups if you can’t make it there yourself. For anyone in the midst of a renovation, we recommend taking a look at what they have. Prices are 30-90% cheaper than big box stores and purchasing secondhand also benefits the environment. We’re looking forward to sifting through these recycled treasures again as we continue to build Kismet!

Salvaged cabinetsArchitectural salvage

Salvaged wood

More salvaged cabinets

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