January Grab Bag

Some interesting puppet-related links and videos from around the world that I came across this month:

1. Titeres Monini is a puppet company from Mexico. This video of their show telling the story of the Meso-American feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl shows their truly stunning shadow puppets.

2. Salt & Poppet Theater from Australia created the shadow puppets in this video. The poem was written and read by Neil Gaiman. Note to self: new goal is to create puppets for a poem by a favorite author.

3. When I was performing in the Avignon Off Festival in 2009, one of my favorite shows that I saw was an Italian version of Sleeping Beauty called Rosaspina that included puppets. After a little digging, I found the show on YouTube! It still makes me smile.

4. Perchance to Dream is a theater company from New York that is now starting to produce in D.C! Welcome! Everyone should go see their production of Twelfth Night (it has puppets!!) at Fort Fringe that starts on February 8. More info and ticket sales can be found here.

5. Shaun Tan has a new book! It’s actually a museum catalogue called The Oopsatoreum and it details the (fictional) inventions of a fictional inventor named Henry Mintox. The book was produced for the Sydney Powerhouse Museum (I wish the Smithsonian museums had cool names like that) and goes with an exhibition that they are putting together this year. More information is on Tan’s website here.

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