In Progress Photos: Selkie

A series of photos showing the progression of our Selkie puppet, from the first tests we created for rehearsals to a workshop performance. This puppet was built by Genna Beth Davidson and Krista Duke and performed by Amy Kellett and Krista Duke.


Headless and armless, Krista tries out a dance move with Chris. Photo by Cecilia Cackley.


Selkie has a head now, sculpted in clay and then cast in latex. Pat is working out the choreography with Amy and Chris, which is challenging when the puppet has no hands.        Photo by Cecilia Cackley.


Selkie now has a neck, hands and clothing and is being operated by two puppeteers (Krista Duke and Amy Kellett) instead of just one. Photo by Annalisa Dias


In the workshop performance, Selkie (operated by Amy Kellett) dances with her husband (played by Chris Herring). Photo by David Moss.

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