December Grab Bag

A grab bag of various puppet related things that have caught my eye this month:

1. Neil Patrick Harris dreams in puppets.

2. A writer on the website Etsy finds an old Guignol puppet theater in Paris.

3. Our director Carmen found a video of dancers working with paper in a way that is very intriguing. This may not seem to be related to puppets but wait until you see more details on the second half of KismetĀ and all will make sense.

2 thoughts on “December Grab Bag

  1. Hmmm, perhaps it’s because I found it hard to see the dancers’ movement, but I found this pretty boring. It’s too bad their paper ripped too. Thanks for sharing though. I think this shows us how labor intensive it will be to cut paper on stage. I found myself loosing interest pretty quickly when they cut the third square. Just wasn’t enough going on for me.

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