Building Kismet #2

Paper, paper and more paper! When we created the workshop production of Kismet back in February, Lisi Stoessel made this lovely and graceful group of jellyfish to play with Kismet:

Kismet with Jellyfish

Fast-forward to December and we’ve moved away from specific sea creatures. Paper world is becoming more abstract and we’re trying to invent creatures that have unique shapes rather than recognizable organisms like the jellyfish. Here, you can see my worktable as I’m playing around with paper scraps donated by a printing company.

Paper scraps

I’ve been experimenting with these paper strips, building loops and curlicues into string puppets that hang in clusters similar to the jellyfish. I’m still working through the possibilities (and playing with adding strings to ‘arms’ for some of the larger ones) but here are a few of my experiments that you can see. I’m calling them the Loopys. What do you think?


Large Loopy

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