Store Spotlight: SCRAP DC

In many ways, SCRAP DC is like your average craft or fabric store. There are paintbrushes and oil pastels, yarn and fabric by the yard. But there are also corks, odd electrical parts, wood samples and drapery tassels. And everything is far cheaper than you would find at a regular store. That’s because everything at SCRAP is secondhand and for a puppet-maker, there is no better supply store in town.

SCRAP sign

The front door at SCRAP.

Bulletin Board at SCRAP

The bulletin board full of announcements at SCRAP DC

SCRAP DC is located at 52 O St. NW, a short walk from NOMA-Galludet Metro station and right near the intersection of North Capitol St. and New York Ave. The materials they sell are all donated, so the stock changes often. If you are lucky, you’ll go in on a day when a box of high quality art supplies has come in and you can find $30 paintbrushes for $3. We tend to focus on the fabric and yarn, sewing supplies and scraps of wood and plastic which call out to be turned into puppets. For a teacher looking for project supplies, parents looking for ways to keep kids busy and artists on a budget, SCRAP is the place to go!

Paper, cardboard and boxes.

Paper, cardboard and boxes.

Boxes of trims and bolts of fabric.

Boxes of trims and bolts of fabric.

Wall of fabric remnants at SCRAP DC.

Wall of fabric remnants at SCRAP DC.

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