Video: Building Saudade

Saudade7The puppets for Saudade are designed by Katherine Fahey, a Baltimore-based artist and puppeteer. They are cut from poster board and pieces are connected with fishing line joints and operated with either wooden or metal rods. In this short video, I’m creating a puppet of a teacher character. It’s a process that takes a lot of time, patience and precision with an X-acto knife.

2 thoughts on “Video: Building Saudade

  1. Hi there…curious about what kind of paper you use for the puppets! Thanks. I’m a fellow shadow puppeteer in Tucson, but currently working on a piece in Alaska with community members. Thanks! Kimi

    • We use regular black poster board for the most part, backed with transparency for delicate sections. Larger puppets are reinforced with cardboard or thin dowels. Have fun in Alaska!

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