Necessary Evil Chores: Organizing Paper

Too much paper!

Too much paper!

As we continue to build paper puppets for Cabinets of Kismet, the materials have started to overflow and as a result, the first floor of my house was rapidly getting submerged in scraps. Genna and I spent part of President’s Day getting it all organized by color and weight.

Genna sorting our many scraps of handmade paper.

Genna sorting our many scraps of handmade paper.

All nicely organized by color and weight, ready to be turned into puppets and set.

All nicely organized by color and weight, ready to be turned into puppets and set.



Necessary Evil Chores: Hardware Drawer

This is, I think, the most ongoing of my necessary evil chores. Cleaning out the hardware drawer, which most of the time, looks like this:

Messy hardware drawer

Really, the problem is that hardware and tools are meant to live in toolboxes or cabinets that have separate little drawers for all the screws and nails. Someday, when I get to share a big studio with other people (who all are hopefully more organized than I am!) I will have that kind of setup for my hardware and tools. For now, I just take everything out and put it back in again neatly. And it looks like this! For a little while, at any rate.

Neat hardware drawer

Necessary Evil Chores: Organizing Ribbon

Hurricanes are good for something: Getting lots of little evil chores done while the wind and rain make it a bad idea to venture outdoors. I used the enforced leisure time to organize our ribbon boxes, which looked as though Hurricane Sandy had already been through them:



Several hours, and a LOT of cardboard pieces later, we have nice, neat boxes! Hopefully now it won’t take forever to find the perfect piece of trim for a puppet outfit.

Necessary Evil Chores: Sorting Felt

Today’s Necessary Evil Chore was dealing with the piles of felt in the closet. Felt gets used for lots of different parts of puppets–mouths, tongues, ears–as well as hinges or to pad a handle. Now we can find the correct colors much more easily! Hooray!

Our supply of felt, all mixed up.

All organized in rainbow order!

Necessary Evil Chores: Untangling Thread

You know all those little chores around the house that are necessary, but also time-consuming and messy? I’m thinking of the kind of things that you try to avoid, even as you know you have to get them done sometime, like cleaning out drains. Puppeteers have those kinds of chores too, but they can occasionally take on a slightly macabre tone, like ‘sort eyeballs by size’ or ‘take apart moving hands’.

Keeping an artistic space neat is always a challenge, so in an attempt to motivate myself, I’m going to occasionally post here about a necessary evil chore. Then, hopefully, I will manage to actually accomplish said chore. Todays chore is untangling thread. Doesn’t it look nice and neat, all lined up in the box and bobbin case?

Thread, all tangled and mixed up.

Thread, all nice and neat!