Puppet Postcard #4

Most of the puppetry at this festival was found on the street or outside. Here is a page with two different outdoor pieces from different parts of the city.



Puppet Postcard #3

One of the most amazing things in Santiago a Mil was the street show DUNDU–two massive light-up puppets that were created in Germany and have been appearing at events and festivals around the world for several years.



Puppet Postcard #1

Flashback time! Back in January, Cecilia was part of a delegation sent by Theater Communications Group to the Santiago a Mil theater festival in Santiago de Chile. As usual, Cecilia kept an illustrated journal of her travels, including encounters with puppets. These first two are from Mendoza, Argentina, where she spent a weekend catching up with Gabriela Cespedes and hanging out watching caja lambe-lambe shows in the plaza.