Summer Days at the Studio

IMG_4225It’s been four years since we started Wit’s End Puppets and for all that time, we’ve been operating primarily out of a house in the southwest quadrant of Washington DC. Each person on the team had her own workspace at home, but meetings and large building projects, from covering flats with recycled paper, to gluing together a 60ft cranky, happened in the living room of that house.

This summer, we said goodbye and moved our boxes, puppet sets and building materials to a new studio in the Brookland neighborhood. At first, the space looked like it does in the photo above. It took a lot of time and effort, but we’ve finally made progress and everything is (mostly) organized. Here you can see the two sides of the room, with materials and tool storage and plenty of surfaces to work on. Here’s to another four years of creativity and passion, collaboration and puppet magic!img_4530


Necessary Evil Chores: Hardware Drawer

This is, I think, the most ongoing of my necessary evil chores. Cleaning out the hardware drawer, which most of the time, looks like this:

Messy hardware drawer

Really, the problem is that hardware and tools are meant to live in toolboxes or cabinets that have separate little drawers for all the screws and nails. Someday, when I get to share a big studio with other people (who all are hopefully more organized than I am!) I will have that kind of setup for my hardware and tools. For now, I just take everything out and put it back in again neatly. And it looks like this! For a little while, at any rate.

Neat hardware drawer